What is Visions?

Visions Film Festival & Conference aims to unite a diverse community of undergraduate students through scholarly analysis, discussion panels and cutting-edge screenings. Located in a thriving film area that is known by the locals as the "Hollywood East," Visions calls Wilmington, North Carolina its home and is hosted by The University of North Carolina Wilmington Film Studies Department each year. The event, by and for undergraduates, offers a unique opportunity for passionate film students to indulge in an environment full of artistic expression, as well as showcase their own work.

Founded in 2006, Visions has grown from the small local festival it once was to an international festival that displays student work on a larger scale. As the only undergraduate peer-reviewed joint film festival and conference, this event creates an enriched experience for filmmakers and scholars through a wide spread of panels and workshops, alongside interactive installations and visionary screenings.

Visions awards almost $15,000 in prizes to undergraduates every year, including travel grants. We award traveling grants to filmmakers and scholars internationally, allowing almost 75% of our presenters to come to Visions. Our festival continues to work with local partners and, as always, donations remain tax deductible.

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Lumina Theater, UNCW campus

601 S. College Road

Wilmington NC, 28403