V7 Filmmaker Lineup

Film Block 1

V7 Always Kiss Me Goodnight Film Still.png

"Always Kiss Me Goodnight"

A young woman wakes to find that something is slightly off with her familiar surroundings.



Sam Korycki: Director, Vanderbilt University

Calling Kalamazoo, Michigan home, Sam Koryck grew up in a quiet neighborhood with a chef and a photographer as parents. Sam and his younger sister two found joy making home movies, writing music, and adventuring through the woods. The two continue to make music, "sam and evan", and movies in Nashville.  

"Best Before"

A short documentary about a community food waste cafe in Bristol operating on a pay-as-you-feel basis.



Joe Palmer: Director, University of West England

Since graduating, Joe has been working as a runner at Evolutions TV, Bristol and created a short 'portrait-style' documentary called 'Portraits: Mr Inglorious'. Joe took on a diverse set of projects which expanded his knowledge and range of skills in all areas of audio production.


A young girl sits in her hospital room waiting for her nurse. The nurse ignores her and passes her by. Frustrated, curiosity pushes the girl to follow as she unknowingly stumbles upon a medical urban legend.



Louise Leung: Director, vancouver film school

Louise Leung is a Chinese, Vancouver based 2D animator, illustrator, and background painter currently working at Titmouse. Her interests include creating zines, sharing animation tips with friends, and explaining to them why she's completely fine with adding another deadline to her already crowded calendar.

V7 How Far I Want To Go Film Still.jpg


A short film about love, pain, and the meaning of life, as told by former Kenyan street children.




David Hutchinson is a freelance filmmaker who loves Scotch and kicks ass at Super Smash Bros. He currently lives in Nairobi at Made in the Streets, the boarding school featured in his film.



Inspired by the comics he knows so well, comic book store employee Andrew Crocker seeks super-heroic revenge on his unappreciative boss.




Chance Saller: director, UNCW

Chance has spent a large portion of his time in college working on any sets he can. In 2016, he was able to direct his own films, 'Issues', and his Senior Thesis Documentary: 'Swipe'. Chance plans on moving to Austin, Texas, or Vancouver, BC to pursue a career working in Lighting and Grip.


Environmentalist Sam Van Leer began fighting to save Miami from drowning in 2008. Now, after nearly a decade of struggling with lackluster civic engagement and minimal financial support, how is Sam (and the city he loves) holding up?


Jimmy Evans: DirectoR, University of Florida

Jimmy Evans is a student non-fiction filmmaker and in addition to Florida, has also studied and worked in London, Chile, and the Dominican Republic. His films explore topics of environmentalism, civil rights, and prisoner’s rights in Florida through the lenses of passionate individuals.

V7 OFF Film Still.png


OFF is an atmospheric, full CG animated short film. It's a story of an astronaut traveling trough space and time. The film explores what awaits us as we venture beyond our own small world.



Martin Nabelek: Director, Tomas Bata University

Martin Nabelek is a Czech based director and 3D artist on a pursuit for advanced photorealism in CGI.  Martin started exploring various possibilities of digital art and computer animation from a young age. Along with CGI, Martin is also very prolific in motion graphics, graphic design, illustration, VR, cinematography and sound design. 

"Paul's ride"

A short documentary following the story of a Vietnam Veteran and his love for motorcycles. 



Ben Davis: Director, SUNY Purchase

Ben is currently earning his Bachelors of Fine Arts in Film at SUNY Purchase. After he graduates this spring he hopes to move to New York and pursue a career in directing.


A pair of tourists experience the wonders of the natural world. Throughout their visit, they discover the vast potential that nature has to offer.



Noah Avidan: director, University of Florida 

Noah Avidan attended V6 Film Festival & Conference last year and is extremely honored and excited to be back again with his new film. Sightseers was created as part of the University of Florida's Cinema of Climate Change course, which focused on creating fiction and non-fiction short films to address the various responses to climate change. 

V7 SQUAN Film Still.png


Filmed in Manasquan, New Jersey, and Wilmington, North Carolina, "Squan" is a peep into the darkness of Winter on the East Coast.



Jake Hart: Director, UNCW

Jake Hart is a surf/skate filmmaker out of New Jersey and is a senior at University of North Carolina Wilmington. His passions include God,  family, and celluloid film.

"The Air Passages"

Suffering from underlying disrepair and neglect, the body is not its own entity, but an extension of the outside world. “The Air Passages” explores the connections between the body and the environment it inhabits.  



Ashlen Renner: Director, UNC Chapel Hill

Ashlen Renner is the Multimedia Editor and videographer at The Daily Tar Heel, in which she covers statewide and university events. Her films have screened at the Ackland Art Museum and after graduating, she hopes to let her art carry her through her work in journalism. 

Film block 2


The Cape Fear River basin is home to the largest concentration of factory farms on planet earth. "Concentration" explores the detrimental effects of these farms through the eyes of Cape Fear Riverkeeper Kemp Burdette.



Lizzie bankowski: director, UNCW

Born and raised in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Lizzie grew up learning about the vitality of this planet's waterways and uses film to inspire others to protect this planet just as she has learned to. She has recorded and mixed sound for many student productions, directs, films, and edits documentaries for the Building a Better Wilmington Campaign.

Screen Shot 2017-03-04 at 4.24.13 PM.png


Three friends get together and reflect on their personal journeys. A story about friendship and dogs!                                                                    





Rhea Dadoo is currently a BFA3 student at California Institute of the Arts interested in Story. Some of her favorite things include movies, pretty colors, exclamation marks, passionate people, and chai!

V7 Head Space Film Still.jpeg

"head space"

A single mother concerned with her son's inability to cope, sees the tables turn when faced with danger.        



Emma Huibregtse: Director, USC California

As a young girl, Emma constantly asked her mother “Can we make a film today?” The usual overwhelmed response was “Go make a storyboard first.” Since then Emma’s dedication to the details of every frame have paid off and her short films have premiered at venues including NYC’s MOMA, Lincoln Center and The TriBeCa Film Festival. 

"Home video"

Footage from 2001 reveals Lana’s first experience using a video camera. Lana, now a filmmaker, returns to film her childhood home once again. The result is an experimental yet intimate reflection on the past and on the present.



Lana Loraine JOrdan: Director, UNC Chapel Hill

Lana Loraine Jordan is extremely involved in UNC Student TV (STV) and has also worked at the UNC Sustainability Office as a Communications and Design Intern. Lana has won several awards including the The Jonathan E. Sharpe Award, The George Kachergis Studio Art Award, and the Jim Barry Production Scholarship. 


Set deep in the rain forest during a school dance, a shy chameleon seeks the attention of his crush. Unfortunately he is so nervous that he can’t help but turn invisible.



Andrew wilson & Michael trikosko: directors

Andrew Wilson is from Scotch Plains, New Jersey. Today, he is a computer animation graduate and animator at The STUDIO NYC. Michael Trikosko interned at JibJab Media Inc. and received the ASIFA Hollywood Animation Educators Forum Scholarship. This coming summer, Michael will be interning at Sony Playstation Santa Monica.


Masonboro is a short film showcasing the beauty of small & glassy east coast waves- A beautiful morning just off the coast of Wrightsville Beach.



Jake Hart: Director, UNCW

Jake Hart is a surf/skate filmmaker out of New Jersey and is currently a senior at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. His passions include God,  family, and celluloid film.


"One Way Town"

Seasoned Private Eye Dash Stone and his trustee secretary Nancy Sullivan find themselves in over their heads on a case involving a high profile kidnapping, a mad scientist's experiment gone terribly wrong, and a malicious cult.


Eli Ayres: Director, St Mary's College of Maryland

Eli began experimenting with stop-motion animation in high school and took classes in film which enriched his capabilities in live-action and animated filmmaking. He began working as a freelance animator and is now employed as a motion designer and VFX artist at TBC Inc.

V7 Restocked Film Still.png


A Halloween store employee must go to the extreme to restock the store's supply of clown masks. Little does he know about the dangers and evils that await him.



Dylan bradshaw: director, UNCW

Dylan has worked on numerous freelance projects and feature films and always strives to make every film he works on a learning experience. Whether it's a new effect, style, technique, or camera, he always tries to expand his knowledge of filmmaking with every opportunity he gets. 

"Sell By:"

"SELL BY:" is a spoken word-driven profile of greed and food. The film follows breakfast on its journey through a breakfast restaurant, a kitchen, a grocery store and a factory farm.                              



Spencer chase cohen: DIRECTOR, Ithaca college

Obtaining his first camera at age 10, Spencer proceeded to film himself and his friends acting out short skits. He has worked on numerous short films and his experience involves film producing and production design with a central focus on directing and cinematography.

"Solace in amal"

“Amal” means “hope” in Arabic. “Solace in Amal” tells the story of Elhassania, a young woman who hopes to someday open her own business to support her family. Though shy and hesitant at first, Elhasaania gains confidence through the Amal Women’s Training Center.


V7 Angel Rivera Headshot.png

Angel Rivera: Director, University of Tampa

Angel Rivera has a focus on cinematography and editing, but is proficient in all aspects of the film process from pre to post-production. He now works for Apple Inc. and hopes to join their marketing team in Cupertino. 

"Thanksgiving guest"

Mashed potatoes, new moms, and a man off CraigsList? Conversation around the Thanksgiving table is never easy, especially when you’re Eva, a young biracial and bisexual woman with one mission: piss off dad.   



Zoe Pressman: director, Northwestern University

As the daughter of a Jewish single mom, Zoe is committed to showing "non-traditional" families, because "non-traditional" doesn't mean "non-existent." This film could not have been made without incredible support from her producers, Lohen Parchment & Katherine Foley, and incredible talent from her cast & crew. 

"video 69"

A young man watches a movie alone in his room at night.




Ingo Raschka: DIRECTOR, CalARTS

Ingo Raschka is originally from New York City, studying animation at California Institute of the Arts.