Visions Film Festival & Conference Announces: The 2016 Film Selection

Visions Film Festival & Conference is excited to announce that it has officially selected the films and presentations for this years event on April 15, 2016. The selected filmmakers and scholars represent universities from around the world. Visions has created two engaging and challenging film blocks and a conference block that are sure to peak the interest of a diverse audience.

Congratulations to both the filmmakers and scholars!


“Art of Motion” Director: Victoria Abbott (Northumbria University - Newcastle, UK)

“Bippy the Bug” Director: Ariel Chan (School of the Art Institute of Chicago -  Illinois, USA)

“Imprison” Director: Emma Brett-Phare (University of Central Arkansas - Arizona, USA)

“Pirouette” Director: Zige Zhang (School of the Art Institute of Chicago -  Illinois, USA)

“Still” Director: Aileen White (School of the Art Institute of Chicago -  Illinois, USA)

“The Red Witch” Director: Aron Bothman (California Institute of the Arts - California, USA)

“Dew Drop” Director: Rachel Weinberg (Ithaca University - New York, USA)

“Feast Coast” Director: Justin Davis (University of North Carolina Wilmington - North Carolina, USA)

“In the Field of Dreams” Director: Noah Avidan (University of Florida - Florida, USA)

“Period Stories” Director: Charlotte Forsgard (Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences - Helsinki, Finland)

“Roll” Director: Isabell Platt (Pitzer College - California, USA)

“Tyesha” Director: Ora Dekornfeld (University of North Carolina Chapel-Hill - North Carolina, USA)

“Aches” Director: Brynn Wilkins (University of Rochester - New York, USA)

“Ronnie Ward - Brewton, AL” Director: Hamilton Ward (University of North Carolina Charlotte - North Carolina, USA)

“De Profundis” Director: Eugene Pankov (National Film School in Łódź - Łódź, Poland)

“DICE” Director: Viraj Nayar (Temple University - Pennsylvania, USA)

“Everyday Heroes: The Story of Dr. Hooves” Director: Caleb Ennis (University of North Carolina School of the Arts - North Carolina, USA)

“Joy” Director: Jack Turzillo (Florida A&M University - Florida, USA)

“Leroy’s Lobster Shack” Director: Sean Mercado (George Mason University - Virginia, USA)

“The Bumblebees” Director: Sebastian Sdaigui (New York University - New York, USA)

“The House that Wren Built” Director: Lauren Cohen (Northwestern University - Illinois, USA)

“Thrash” Director: Zach Bailey (University of North Carolina Wilmington - North Carolina, USA)