Visions 5 Indiegogo Campaign Launch

The fifth annual Visions Film Festival & Conference is amped to announce the launch of its Indiegogo campaign as of November 19, 2014.

To increase local, national, and international participation, Visions5 has extended a fundraising opportunity to the general public through the holiday season, ultimately allowing for further support of undergraduate filmmakers and film scholars. Every year since its inception, Visions Film Festival & Conference has experienced a steady progression in terms of innovation, participation, and reputation amongst the undergraduate film community. We need your help to ensure that Visions5 continues this trend.

Our heroic contributors will receive a wide range of perks based on the level of their donation--with great contribution comes great reward!

Donations and Awards:

(all incentives are cumulative based on level of donation)

  • $5- Social media shout out, pat on the back

  • $15-V5 Badge (includes after party), V4 sticker

  • $25-V2,V3 DVD

  • $55-Immortalized as a superhero, joins “League of Visionaries”

  • $105-Visions 5 tshirt

  • $205-Personalized comic strip and V5 cape

  • $555-Invite to all secret filmmaker/scholar events, reserved seating, featured hero of the week

Other Ways You Can Help

If you know of any corporate or private donors who would love to support Visions Film Festival and Conference please contact Ally Gold at with their contact information. We would also love to have you share our Indiegogo link and campaign on your social media sites. Spread the word to all your friends!