Visions Film Festival & Conference: The 2015 Film Selection


Director: Jehan Madhani (Tufts University- Massachusetts, USA)

FrogBoy learns a valuable lesson about family in this animated short.



“Kippik” Directors: Estelle Dornic, Florian Scaduto, Michal Gabrieli, François Godofe, Adrien Pezé and Benoit Touroude (LISAA School of Design- Paris, France)

A hedgehog meets a chestnut in the forest.

“The Legend of The Flying Tomato” Directors: Michael Yates, Aurry Tan and Sharon Huang (Ringling College of Art and Design- Florida, USA)

An young female luchador aspiring to be like her hero must learn to accept her flaws when she faces a terrifying opponent.



“Villains” Director: Alex Crowley (Middlesex University- London, England)

Infamy. Notoriety. Legacy. Three words that strongly resonate with Kevin, a 36 year old film buff living alone with no job. Deciding to finally make something of himself, he forms a collective of misfits and crafts an anarchistic plan to leave his mark on the world. Join Kevin and his team of self proclaimed Villains in this comedic tale of teamwork, antagonism and style in this nail biting stop-motion adventure.

“Yamashita” Director: Hayley Foster (Loyola Marymount University- California, USA)

A young girl discovers the wonders and perils of her heritage amidst the the hardships of imprisonment during the Japanese-American Internment of World War II.



“Cosplay: Behind the Con” Director: Ethan Rich (University of North Carolina Wilmington- North Carolina, USA)

Behind the Mask is a documentary short that delves into the cosplay culture as seen through the eyes of seasoned cosplayer Crystal Santoro and newcomer Brady Cannon. This film depicts both ends of the spectrum of experience, showing that no matter the level of the creator, when cosplay is involved, fun, shenanigans, and acceptance isn’t far behind.

“Mipso in Japan” Director: Jon Kasbe (University of North Carolina Chapel Hill- North Carolina, USA)

A young bluegrass band is well loved in their home state of North Carolina. Where do they go on their first tour? Japan.



“No Fly Zone” Director: Shane Wisniewski (University of North Carolina Wilmington- North Carolina, USA)

A funny but sincere look at UNC-Wilmington's Quidditch team.

“The Provider” Directors: Maya Cueva, Leah Galant and Pete Quandt (Ithaca College- New York, USA)

Abortion clinics in Texas are disappearing exponentially and healthcare providers are feeling the brunt. The Provider follows the story of abortion provider Dr. Shannon Carr who travels every week from New Mexico to Dallas in order to perform abortions despite restrictive laws and threats to her safety.



“Last Skeeson” Director: Ally Gold (University of North Carolina Wilmington- North Carolina, USA)

Colors, Sounds, Brews, an experiment of perspective, shot solely in Five Star Tavern, Wilmington, NC’s official home for Breeskee ball.

“Psychodiagnostik Sunsets” Director: Stephen Goza (School of the Art Institute of Chicago- Illinois, USA)

Abstract flowing images based on the concept of Rorschach Inkblots.


“UNSA” Director: Levi Vasquez (University of North Carolina Wilmington- North Carolina, USA)

The ever attentive ear of the government is fixed on the surveillance of the people. Every conversation is is heard and every verbal exchange recorded. No one can hide when privacy is dead.

“Here Lies Childhood” Director: Joshua Marshburn (University of North Carolina Wilmington- North Carolina, USA)

An artist reflects on how encounters with an imaginary friend transformed him from the child he was into the adult he has become.



“1-0” Director: Saman Hosseinpuor (University of Applied Science + Technology- ­Kurdistan, Iran)

The Barber started cutting the boys hair while watching a Football game on TV.

“Beast” Director: Jean Jacques Martinod (University of North Carolina School of the Arts- North Carolina, USA)

In the outskirts of rural suburbia, two renegade hunters spend their days searching for game, the socially expendable being their victims.



“Ceiling Finger” Director: Sean Kelley (University of North Carolina School of the Arts- North Carolina, USA)

A suburban family lives with a giant finger who, after the divorce of the parents, suddenly becomes concerned about the children.

“Disconnected” Director: David Karp (Cornell University- New York, USA)

A visual exploration of the naunced and somewhat troubling relationship between individuals and technology in our society.


“Freeform” Director: Amber Steele (University of Central Florida- Florida, USA)

A ballet instructor loses herself in recollections of her tragic past.


“Fucking Be” Directors: Mya Dodson and Alina Carson (Central Piedmont Community College- North Carolina, USA)

With the help of her brother, A girl Journeys to begin enjoying life.

“The Sound of Where” Director: John Stavas (Virginia Commonwealth University- Virginia, USA)

A journey through the mind of a man who has been captured by a killer who lives Shellac. (In Honor of dogma 95)

“Sweepstakes” Director: Mark Tumas (Temple University- Pennsylvania, USA)

When her husband suffers a neurological complication, a new mother is left to face the life she could have had.



“When Perri Met Aly” Director: Hana Wuerker (Pitzer College- California, USA)

The story of how two women met, told by two women who don't really remember the story.