Visions5 Announces: The 2015 Conference Presenters

After months of reviewing paper submissions, Visions Film Festival & Conference is happy to reveal this year’s film scholars. On behalf of the entire Visions5 staff, we would like to thank everyone that submitted their work for consideration and applaud the range of topics covered. The following scholars will present their research papers in one of two conference blocks on April 17th, 2015.


The Mainstream Marginals: A New Cycle in Romantic Comedy by Diana M. Fraser (Carleton College- Minnesota, US)

Betraying Dostoevsky: Robert Bresson and the Art of Faithful Adaptation by Christopher LeMaire (University of Florida- Florida, US)

From Zero to Chihiro: The Allegory of Sex Work in Spirited Away by Sarah Bean (University of Florida- Florida, US)

The Act of Piracy: Accessing The Act of Killing in Indonesia by Kristi Kouchakji (Concordia University- Montreal, Canada)

The “Golden Age” of Spanish Language Theaters in Los Angeles: The Formation of a Transnational Cinema Audience by Carlos Sanchez (University of California Santa Barbara- California, US)

The Globalization of Encoded Authorship: Copycat Programming in the Post-Soviet Era by Julia Petuhova (University of California Santa Barbara- California, US)

The Image of Latin America in 70s Exploitation Cinema: Exoticism, Colonialism, and Youth Culture by Kevin Bahr (University of North Carolina Wilmington- North Carolina, US)

Before ICAIC: The National Cuban Film Industry and the Struggles against Imperialism Preceding the Castro Revolution by Garrett Spake (University of North Carolina Wilmington- North Carolina, US)


We are excited to have such a diverse line-up. Congratulations to all of the selected scholars, we look forward to your contribution to the event. More information about the scholars and their topics can be found at Badge registration is now open and can be completed on the Visions website.