Peter and the Paper Wolves

Dir. Daniel Obzejta (Wesleyan University)

Peter is a boy with his head in the clouds when his hands should be helping his grandfather on the farm. After hearing the sounds of a passing carnival, Peter runs away during a snowstorm. In the Woods, a dubious pair of circus performers coax him into a grotesque circus world and enlist him to help with a new trick aimed at removing a song stuck in Lobo the Clown’s head.




This Vacuum Is Too Loud

Dir. Gus Péwé (Denison University)

This Vacuum Is Too Loud tells the story of a non-earthling who has been stuck on our planet with no ability to return home. Read the Hammer To Nail review

The Vow

Dir. Bridget Underwood (Savannah College of Art & Design)

A mother gives up her life to protect her younger daughter. The daughter, in turn, makes it her mission to see vengeance. With a sad twist of fate, The Vow tells the story of how far someone can go for a loved one.



The Understudy

Dir. Hayley Kosan (Arizona State University)

New York, 1938: On opening night of the highly-anticipated Broadway musical Blind Ambition: The Story of Hellen Keller, understudy Kate Lovelace decides she will tread on the boards instead of stage siren and leading lady, Rose Fairwell.

The Drop

Dir. Jay K. Raja (Chapman University)

A traveling couple in space comes across the greatest challenge in their relationship yet.



The Conversation

Dir. Piotr Sulkowski (The Polish National Film, Television, and Theatre School)

Agnieszka and Janusz were both convicted of murder. They wrote to each other for eight years but never met… Until today, when Agnieszka goes on leave to see him for the first time.



Dir. Evan Red Borja (School of Visual Arts)

A story of a man who finds a man.

Night Air

Dir. Sunmee Dong (CalArts)

After a long day, a guy decides to go on a drive with his cat as company.

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Dir. Piotr Sulkowski (The Polish National Film, Television, and Theatre School)

After an argument with her lover, a young woman recklessly gets into the parked car of a mysterious stranger. Their brief encounter will lead to mutual attraction, insight and fatal accomplishment during a journey to the end of the night.

Through a maze of colorful flashbacks, intricately related to the main character’s painful past, the destiny of the young woman is inevitably connected to that of an imaginary fish.


Dir. Joseph Heinen, Matthew Kiel (Rochester Institute of Technology)

A mythical creature introduces Spencer to a life of crime.



How’s Everything

Dir. Dylan Redford (Middlebury College)

In How’s Everything, Redford peels back the facade of pleasantries exchanged in an everyday conversation between two friends, revealing the distance between what we feel and what we say.

Got You
Dir. Bianca Morris (Emerson College)

When 8 year old Lexi discovers her mother is having thoughts of suicide, innocent games become downright terrifying.



Focus on the Family

Dir. Lennon Batchelor (University of Central Florida)

Two people who have learned everything they know about values from the television allow the child they are charged with caring for to wander away.


Dir. Kaukab Basheer (School of Visual Arts)

One stormy night, Dechen, a young Tibetan monk-in-training, rescues an exquisite flower by bringing it indoors. Despite Dechen’s nurturing, the flower inexplicable begins to fall apart. As he struggles to accept the situation, Angmo, the head monk, is forced to intervene and save the boy from himself. Dechen finds peace at last by learning to eliminate the need to possess and control.



Dear Hunters

Dir. Zack Bornstein, Eric Binswagner, David Shuck (Brown University)

Little Milos worships his family’s tradition of hunting. When his father and grandfather tell him he’s too young to go, Milos stows away to find out what exactly goes on in the woods.

Can We Be Happy Now

Dir. Tahnee Gehm (CalArts)

A man in a grey, drab world is awakened to the beauty and happiness of the real world around him, as the spirits of nature take him on an adventure.



Another Man’s Treasure

Dir. Maryosha Eggleston (University of North Carolina Wilmington)

Another Man’s Treasure is a documentary film about Dale Varnam, a man with a troublesome past that inspired him to create his eccentric junkyard.

A Girl Called Iba

Dir. Lydia O’Neil Bullock (Corcoran College of Art & Design)

As is the case in every culture, Kurdish youth grow up steeped in their parents’ morality. Decades of tradition have weighted “honor” and “shame” as the two ends of the moral spectrum. Kurdish women bear the weight of honor, fearing any misstep will garner them unwarranted accusations of shame from the watchful eyes of their community. This film is true to the director’s experience during an 8 month stay in Iraqi Kurdistan.



3 by 3, 1 by 1

Dir. Christopher Carull (University of Central Florida)

3 by 3, 1 by 1 examines the complexities of contemporary youth culture by chronicling the intimate lives of eight characters and their relationships through a myriad of perspectives, mediums, and styles which present a multi-dimensional portrait of the 21st century. It also features a panda and a couple of dogs.