Twice As Bright

Directed by Leo Hageman


A young widower decodes messages from his wife. Her lesson? How to begin again.


Capture 22.PNG


Directed by Joshua Yates


A single-take music video concerned with the tragic fate of a young girl. "Kotzebue" by Cassis Orange.

Bedford Park Boulevard

Directed by Felix Thompson


A fifteen-year-old Latino boy at a high school in the Bronx makes a mistake that will define the rest of his life.



Adventures of a Distant Mind

M. Johnston


In this animated journey through the interior life a poetic young girl, dreams mix with stream of consciousness musings as the girl constructs her reality.

Zlata Rybka- The Goldfish

Jacob Mendel

Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts, Prague

Set in Prague at an indeterminate time, the lives of a man, a cat, and a goldfish intersect in unexpected ways.



Still Here

Directed by Alex Camilleri

Vasar College

Randy Baron, a 30-year HIV survivor, remembers one of his most traumatic memories: the time he visited his friend Howard, who was dying from AIDS.

Seasons of Love

Grettel Batoon

New York University

Two leaves fall in love at the dawn of spring. Their budding love transforms their desolate surroundings into a vibrant field but their time together is tragically short-lived as Mother Natures inevitable forces tear them apart. In their quest to reunite, this heart-wrenching animated short reveals how love can withstand time and distance.




Joselyn McDonald


Latrinalia is trip-tic experimental documentary that explores the art of bathroom graffiti. The film traces the act of isolated expression from the prehistoric era to Pompeii to modern day bathroom graffiti.

Carried Away

Directed by Corinne Colgan and Eric Keto (Ithaca College)

Some people say he’s crazy. Others call him a genius. Follow backyard inventor and world record-holding hot air balloon pilot Brian Boland on his next great adventure.



Directed by Chris Edwards

University of North Carolina Wilmington

An Experimental, found footage project that combines psychedelic drugs, masturbation, car crashes, and educational films.


St. Christophorus: Roadkill

Directed by Gregor Erier (Filmakademic Baden-WurHemberg)

The life of Chris, a young lawyer, takes an unexpected turn when he witnesses a tragic accident while driving toward Hamburg. With the addition of a crime, two sadistic policemen and a bestial ranger, the angst-ridden Chris realizes that this horrifying night won’t be over soon.


Directed by Rob Migrin (University of Michigan)

This narrative/documentary hybrid investigates America’s future through the eyes of an East African prophet.


I F$#! with my Voice: It’s a Cartoon

Directed by Evan Rothman (University of North Carolina Wilmington)

A documentary about two young individuals, a particularly perverse porn trade, vacuums and a touch of bluegrass.

In America

Directed by Royce Marcus (University of North Carolina Wilmington)

In America examines the artist's relationship between the natural world and the artificial. Guided by a poem by Charles Bukowski, this self-portrait questions the role of humans and cities in modern society.


Directed by Jaclyn Gramigna (New York University)

Thirteen-year-old Leila Sharp lives at home with her uncle, the local dentist. He runs a tight ship and Leila has no problem being his perfect niece until she is tempted by the attractive ice cream man and the special ice cream he creates to gain her affections.




Directed by Bryn Silverman (University of Southern California)

Fray Collins wakes up in a dark world and struggles to express himself in words. In this splice-of-life short experimental film, he finds his creative inspiration in a woman, Charlotte. Suddenly, Fray is able to get his frustrations off his back.