Visions007 Staff

Mariah Smallwood: managing director

Mariah Smallwood: Managing Director

Mariah Smallwood: Managing Director

Mariah Smallwood is the Managing Director of Visions007 Film Festival & Conference and functioned as the Co-Director of Hospitality for last year’s event.  Along with running a film festival, Mariah is currently working on her Senior Thesis Documentary titled Circles (2017). Mariah recently worked on the narrative short film, Baby OIl (2016) as the Co-Producer and Unit Production Manager. Mariah has also been involved on various film shorts like You Mean Chickens? (2015) as the sound mixer and as a makeup artist for Open Mic (2016) and The Rite Side (2016). Her personal interests include pop culture, gender studies, and how societies function. She hopes to utilize these interests to create films that document social interactions and how they shape individuals. All while finishing up her education at UNC Wilmington, Mariah is still searching for the perfect puppy(s).


Carly Dawson: Programming Director

Carly Dawson: Programming Director

Carly Dawson is the Programming Director of Visions007 Film Festival & Conference. Originally from Knightdale, North Carolina, Carly Dawson came to UNCW seeking a degree in Film Studies with a minor in Women & Gender Studies. During her career at UNCW, she has studied abroad in Swansea, Wales where she interned at the Tinopolis Film Group, learning the inner workings of television stations, including camera work, editing and the production of live programming as well as exploring the cinematic cities of Europe. She has also interned with Working Films in downtown Wilmington, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting social justice and environmental sustainability through encouraging and supporting of short non-fiction media-makers. Currently, Carly is working on a documentary short on the effect of factory farms on the Cape Fear River.

Kelsey davis: assistant managing director

Kelsey Davis: Managing Director

Kelsey Davis: Managing Director

Kelsey is the Assistant Managing Director of Visions007 Film Festival & Conference. She moved to North Carolina at a young age and grew up in the Blue Ridge mountains, loving the crisp autumns but always itching to explore the world. At UNCW, she’s really spread her wings, working on several short films such as Take Care and Issues as well as becoming heavily involved in the Association for Campus Entertainment. She’s found her passion in the detail-oriented side of the film industry - producing, marketing, exhibition, and distribution. With big dreams of moving to New York or Los Angeles after graduation and seeing even more of the world after that, she is extremely excited and nervous to get started. In her free time, she cuddles with her three cats and goes on runs around campus.

maggie auzenne: development director

Maggie Auzene: Development Director

Maggie Auzene: Development Director

Margaret Auzenne is the development director for Visions007 Film Festival & Conference. Originally from Rhode Island, Margaret has lived in Charlotte for the past 11 years. Because of Margaret’s love of film and film history, she made the decision to transfer to University of North Carolina Wilmington. There she quickly found fellow lovers of film, and grew to be more outgoing. Margaret is a detailed-oriented student who thrives with working with groups. After her time at UNCW, she hopes to move to Los Angeles and to continue voicing her opinions about film as a critic.

Isaac dunn: marketing director

Isaac Dunn: Marketing Director

Isaac Dunn: Marketing Director

Isaac Dunn is marketing director for Visions007 Film Festival & Conference.  His  passion is recording natural sound as well as sound mixing.  Recently he was a sound mixer and boom operator on a short film called “Issues” where he met many inspiring young filmmakers and made many new friends. Also, Isaac loves working hard on any aspect of film including (but not limited to) costume design, set design, craft services, and lighting. Isaac thrives in a team oriented environment where people are honest, hard-working individuals that strive for great work. He wants thrive in an environment that is motivated, organized, and thought provoking.



Hannah Hearn is the Hospitality Director of Visions007 Film Festival & Conference. She grew up just steps from the beach in South Carolina and was naturally drawn to UNCW. As a junior, she is currently working on her degree in film studies with a minor in entrepreneurship and business development. When she is not working on the festival, she is interning at Screen Gems Studios. In the past, Hannah has worked on various student film projects and has been a member of several art and production organizations on campus. Her passion has always lain in editing; however, she enjoys exploring the different aspects of film production, including directing, producing, sound design, and screenwriting. When she is not making to-do lists and lists about those to-do lists, she likes going to the gym and playing her ukulele, but not at the same time.

Jake Hart: Art director

Jake Hart: Art Director

Jake Hart: Art Director

Jake Hart is the art director of Visions007 Film Festival & Conference. By way of Dirty Jersey, he is a surfing and skateboarding filmmaker who spends most of his time on Wrightsville Beach when he is not attending film school at UNC Wilmington. He shoots primarily 8mm film incorporating digital when he has to. While he hasn't settled in Wilmington, he has certainly found his niche here..



Chance Saller: Operations Director


Chance Saller serves as the Operations Director for Visions007 Film Festival & Conference. When Chance isn’t at a coffee shop, he can usually be found drinking coffee, (did we mention how much he loves coffee?).  Chance has spent a large portion of his time in college working on any sets he can. In 2016, he was able to direct two of his own films, an independent project titled Issues, and his Senior Thesis Documentary: Swipe. Chance plans on moving to Austin, Texas, or Vancouver, BC to pursue a career working in Lighting and Grip. Chance’s hobbies mainly revolve around martial arts where he’s a achieved a 2nd degree blackbelt in Taekwondo and became the Illinois State Champion in 2008. For the past 7 years Chance has been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and is currently a purple belt in that style. He hopes to continue this passion well into the future and really show that there is some type of art to combat sports.

catherine shin: programming assistant

Catherine Shin: Programming Director Assistant

Catherine Shin is the Programming Assistant of the Visions007 Film Festival & Conference. She has lived in Durham, North Carolina for most of her life. A leading factor in her decision to attend UNCW was their film studies department. Though she aspires to be a screenwriter she appreciates the film major’s interdisciplinary nature and learning more about both film theory and production. In her classes she has been taught how to use cameras, lights, sound equipment, and editing software, many of these things being introduced to her for the first time. And seeing firsthand all the effort and thought that has to go into filmmaking has definitely deepened her of it.

Lauren Schultz: Interview Coordinator & Programming Assistant

Lauren Schultz is the Interview Coordinator and Programming Assistant for Visions007 Film Festival and Conference. Raised in a military family, she has lived in many different places around the world, most notably graduating from high school in Okinawa, Japan. She has participated in film festivals in the past (Far East Film and Creative Arts Conference, Kubasaki High School Film Festival) and has held a variety of positions in many student-led productions like Jump (2014), To Africa (2014), and Face Freeze (2016). Alongside her blossoming film career, Lauren is also the Assistant Studio Director and Field Equipment Manager for UNCW’s undergraduate television program, TealTV. Lauren is currently studying film studies with a minor in journalism at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.

Garrett Farrington: Awards & swag bag coordinator

Garrett Farrington is the Development Assistant for Visions007 Film Festival & Conference and coodinates the awards  for Visions. One spring afternoon, Garrett’s mother needed time out of the house, and took Garrett to see his first movie—“Legends of the Fall”¬—in theaters. The lilting piano score overwhelmed Garrett’s being, transporting his consciousness to a time that once was. The wind-swept landscapes humbled Garrett into realizing the true meaning of life. The golden-haired Brad Pitt surpassed his understanding. And in two hours and thirteen minutes, Garrett fell in love with movies. He was three months old. For a while, Garrett lost his way to become a Pokemon master, even succeeding and competing in the national and world championships. Some might call these accomplishments, but to Garrett, everything outside of film was wasted time. 

Tess League: Catering & Volunteer Coordinator


Tess League is the Head of Catering and the Volunteer Coordinator for Visions007. After attending a performing arts magnet high school in her hometown of Greensboro, North Carolina, she moved to Wilmington to pursue her passion for the arts. As a senior, Tess is currently working to finish her majors in both Theatre and Film Studies. In her time at Wilmington, she has gained experience living, studying, and working in London, England, during her sophomore year abroad. Starting her junior as a beginner with film production, she has since worked on several projects holding different crew positions for each one. When she is not working on local films and theatre productions, her favorite hobbies include not working out, binge watching TV shows and eating ice cream.

Stan hankins: Social Media Coordinator

Stan Hankins: Social Media Coordinator

Stan Hankins: Social Media Coordinator

Stan is the Marketing Assistant, Social Media Coordinator for Visions007 Film Festival & Conference. Growing up in Cary, NC, Stan fell in love with making movies from the first time he played with his mom’s digital camera as a young child. His passion for filmmaking only grew stronger in his teenage years while living abroad in Melbourne, Australia. It was there that he took his first high school film classes and developed a deeper appreciation for the art of the moving image. Today, Stan is a Junior at UNCW, double majoring in Film Studies and Business Marketing. Stan is always eager to work alongside other aspiring filmmakers and he is very excited to put both of his passions for filmmaking and marketing to use in Visions!

Tristian Henning: Marketing Assistant

Tristan Henning is the Marketing Assistant for Visions007 Film Festival and Conference. He directed his first short film when he was five years old, living in Fort Lewis, Washington. After the thrill of posing Godzilla toys in front of the camera and bossing around his patient cinematographer (and mommy), everything changed. From then on, he gorged himself on movies and books, and his family bounced from town to town across the U.S. and abroad. He spent his high-school years playing in rock bands and writing short stories, splitting his time between Fayetteville, NC and Seoul, South Korea. Over the summer, he co-hosted the One Night Stand Film Festival (2016) and had the pleasure of introducing some of his own comedy shorts and experimental works. These days, he writes lots of screenplays and embarrassing poetry. He is always searching for new stories to tell and new opportunities to brag about his french language skills.

Bobby Hartman: Assistant Graphic Designer

Bobby was born in Indiana, spent 6 years in Upstate New York and currently lives in Wilmington. He is a film studies major at the University of North Carolina in Wilmington. He has been an animator and editor since 2009. In total, Bobby has made over 30 animated shorts, many of which are on his Youtube channel and Vimeo. In his free time he works as a freelance graphic designer and has made logos, album covers and music videos for many upcoming artists. In the next few years, he hopes to expand his company, Vigilante Films, and produce an independent short film and many more animated shorts.


Ryan Healy: Lead Animation

Ryan Patrick Healy is the animator and the assistant graphic design artist for Visions007 Film Festival & Conference. Like most Americans he spends a little too much time sitting in front of a TV, but unlike most, he decided to make a career out of it. Ryan has been studying forms of animations and art at the University of North Carolina in Wilmington. His hopes are to one day work for Cartoon Network. His love of cartoons motivates him to one day be the one that gets to help create them.

Ashley Fortin: Video Race Co Coordinator

Ashley Fortin is the Co-Director of the Video Race for Visions007 Film Festival & Conference. She was born in Illinois and moved to North Carolina when she was about 11 years old. She lived in Charlotte her first two years in North Carolina then spent the rest of it in Mooresville, NC. She is an artist who can primarily paint and draw. That is when she decided to start at a community college then transfer to the UNCW to study film. She is still developing her filmmaking skills but was a Production Assistant and did BTS for Issues on top of in class film projects. She strives to be an Art Director one day to combine her passion for art and love for film. Until then she is working towards being an Animator because she has always wanted to work for Disney and Pixar, especially if she can storyboard. While she takes classes at UNCW now, she is working at Starbucks to save money to one day travel the world and eventually reside in Australia with her pup, Kai, at her side.

Parker M. Stroud: Video race co coordinator

Parker M. Stroud is a Junior enrolled in the University of North Carolina Wilmington’s film department, and the Co-Coordinator of the Visions007 Video Race. Parker grew up in Charlotte North Carolina, taking in everything the concrete jungle had to offer. He moved to Wilmington North Carolina to attend university, where he was introduced to the world of film festivals in the form of Cucalorus. Diving deeper into the world of film, Parker began to work a variety of jobs on a number of sets. He prides himself in his ability to be quite versatile in a crew. His out of the box thinking style helps him excel creatively. He has a serious interest in music videos, and the experimental qualities they can embrace.



kyndall green: registration coordinator


Kyndall Green is the Registration Coordinator for the Visions007 Film Festival & Conference. Calling Wilmington her home since 2007, she has had experience working on a yearbook staff as a member and photographer before becoming an editor. As a junior at UNCW, she is currently working on her degree in film studies with a minor in studio art. Kyndall has worked on various student film projects holding the positions of producer, editor, boom operator, PA, and as the art department. When she is not working on her degree in film, she is acting as a leader for the UNCW Swim Club and working for NC State University’s Camp Kesem as a counselor. Her ambition is to travel the world and to experience diverse cultures. She has enjoyed experiencing the different positions of filmmaking however, she finds her passion in producing and editing. One day she would like to work on a television or music video set that allows her to travel around the world.

Hugh stephens: tech coordinator

Hugh Stephens: Tech Coordinator

Hugh Stephens: Tech Coordinator

Hugh is the tech coordinator for Visions007 Film Festival & Conference. He is a young aspiring filmmaker from Raleigh, North Carolina attending the University of North Carolina Wilmington and approaching the completion of B.A. in Film Studies with a minor in Computer Science.  He has multiple credits to his skills as a Boom operator and Sound mixer (Issues(2016), Good Will Hunting (Student Project)(2015), The Warrior(Student Project)(2015)); as well as having a background in camera, lighting, and grip from his experience as a Director of Photography (The Sunny Side(2016)), internships (Cinepartners inc.), and various other experiences as a Swing (Resilience(2016), The Cleansing(2016)).

Alex Matthews: Traffic & Assistant Tech Coordinator


Alex Matthews was born in Fayetteville, NC and grew up in the nearby farming community of Clement.  He currently works as operations assistant for Visions007 Film Festival and Conference, as well as working in the campus housing department as housing warehouse assistant.  Alex has served as sound designer for the recent short film Issues directed by fellow student Chance Saller.  Alex also worked as a grip on Baby Oil, a short film directed by his professor, Shannon Silva, as a way of creating a “learning set” to team learning filmmakers up with those already in the industry.  Alex is currently working towards a bachelor’s degree in Film Studies from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, with a minor in Psychology.

Shannon Silva: festival Director

Shannon Silva: Festival Director

Shannon Silva: Festival Director

Shannon Silva is an Associate Professor of Film Studies at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. An experimental and documentary filmmaker, her principal areas of interest include issues of gender, celebrity culture, fandom, and community building creative initiatives.

In addition to directing/producing over 30 short films and videos, she has worked as Screenplay Competition Director for the Austin Film Festival, Marketing Director for Austin Cinemaker Coop, and was a founding member of the Iowa City Microcinema. Her films have screened at the Dallas Video Festival, Atlanta Underground, Athens International, Humboldt Film Festival, FLEX, Docutah, LA Femme, Central Florida Film Festival, St. John's International Women's Film Festival and more.

She is the Faculty Supervisor for the Visions Film Festival and Conference (hosted on the UNCW campus by the Film Studies Department each spring), and, as a lover of all things related to film festivals, she has participated in screening committees for the Ann Arbor Film Festival, SXSW, Iowa City Documentary Festival, Cinematexas, and the Cucalorus Film Festival.

In 2013, her feature length documentary, It’s A Girl Thing: Tween Queens and The Commodification of Girlhood, completed its festival run and was awarded Best Social Documentary at the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival. Freestyle, a short narrative film that she produced in Fall 2013, just finished up its festival run at Mill Valley International.

Her next film, Red, is in pre-production and was recently awarded a $3000 Summer Research Grant. The experimental, narrative is set in late 1930's, Lumberton, NC and focuses on two sisters growing up in a share-cropping family.