Visions Film Festival & Conference

APRIL 5th & 6th, 2018

Want to meet and collaborate with successful independent filmmakers? Or connect with students and faculty from film programs across the nation?

The Video Race is an exciting competition that calls upon local and international filmmakers, undergraduate students, and film enthusiasts to join forces and create a 1 minute, 1 take film. Teams will have one hour to complete this race. The Video Race serves as the ultimate networking opportunity so don’t miss the chance to collaborate with all types of professional filmmakers and film buffs from all over the world!


On March 31st, Visions007 staff will assemble teams of 4-5 filmmakers/guests and provide each group with one prop and one movie title to create your 1 minute video. Teams will have a map of campus as well, but we encourage everyone to go get lost in film! Once your one-take film is completed, it will be shown in Lumina Theater for everyone’s enjoyment!  CLICK HERE to register for this year's Video Race.

***You must have a badge to participate***

Any questions regarding the Video Race can be sent to the Video Race Coordinators, Ashley Fortin & Parker Stroud, at