I Am an American

Directed by Kyle Rogers (University of Hartford)

A 16mm found footage film exploring the lives of everyday Americans.


The Birds Upstairs

Christopher Jarvis (New York University)

Frustrated attempts to bear children overwhelm the lives of an aristocratic, avian couple in the early nineteenth century.




Directed by Víctor Tadashi Suárez (Columbia University)

A casual hypnotism goes bananas as three men become trapped in the limbo of their subconsciousness in this dark comedy.


Man Is Always On the Stairs

Directed by Jing Niu (University of North Carolina Chapel Hill)

A child climbs stairs to find a vast field inhabited by humans, whose roaming, naked bodies appear and disappear within the dark night and the shadows of tall hay stalks. A poetic rhythm of light, celluloid, and nihilism.



The Elect

Directed by Dan Moore and Erin Zaack (University of Notre Dame)

The Elect is a short cinema verte- style documentary that follows members of the controversial Westboro Baptist Church as they carry out their everyday lives.


The BaTchelor Experience

Directed by Fiona Dalwood (University of Melbourne)

Join straight-laced businessman Albert as he throws caution to the wind and visits ‘The Batchelor Experience’, an exclusive establishment that caters to his unique appetite.



Coup Sauvage

Directed by Stéphane Moukarzel (Chapman University)

After a traumatic accident, a mother’s grief alters her perception of her surroundings in this cerebral film.


Incest! The Musical

Directed by Grant Reed

Alex is class president. Katie is valedictorian. They’re perfect for each other. They’re also twin brother and sister. This year’s prom is going to be interesting.



Protocol of Person and Social Syntax: Lesson One

Directed by Walter Lowe III (University of Michigan)

Protocol of Person and Social Syntax: Lesson One is an animated narrative exploring shifts in personality and the forces that shape our outward appearance. Are these changes in behavior indicative of, or destructive to our personality and sense of self?

Jemila’s Tale

Directed by Christina L. Bryant (Ithaca College)

A young black girl discovers there are no princesses like her in fairy-tales, so she decides to write her own as she struggles to communicate with her classmates and father after the loss of her mother.




Directed by Sean Hanley (Emerson College)

HINDSIGHT is a documentary portrait of the seasonal rituals of a small town in New England. Shot over the course of one year, the film acts as a visual and aural eulogy for the place the filmmaker once called home.



Directed by Michelle Byron and Jacob Mertens

A found footage experimental film that explores the abstract beauty of baptism, a process in which we return to a state of creation when all life was unified.



Out of the Blue

Directed by Matthew Stamm (UNCW)

This documentary sheds light on the unsettling occurrence of breached dolphin & the people who work to rehabilitate them.



Directed by Gabriel de Urioste (New York University)

When a scientist's latest attempt to digitize the human brain fails, he must come to terms with the personal sacrifices he has made and the unusual results of his experiments.




Directed by Shreyasi Das (Rochester Institute of Technology)

A short 3D animated film about a robot character living an 'ordered life' in a room full of synchronized clocks. The robot explores the 'music in imperfection' as the clocks start to fall out of synchronization, disobeying the order he is used to.


Body of Work

Directed by Gabby Follett Sumney (University of North Carolina Wilmington)

Few people have the joyful determination embodied by Dwyer as she uses her paintbrush and positive attitude to take on a world of adversity.




Directed by Sumie Garcia (Savanah College of the Arts)

A woman experiences a series of surreal yet beautiful situations in a dream, most of which incorporate a mysterious Stranger and a mirror box that holds abstract memories and sounds.


Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft

Directed by Talia Alberts (Northwestern University)

In the time of E.T and Star Wars, a young boy who dreams of extraterrestrials gets the surprise of his life when a unexpected visitor crash lands in his backyard.