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Visions is a nonprofit event that provides a unique opportunity to bring awareness to young artists. We give businesses and individuals an opportunity to support these artists through sponsorship and donations.

Vision5 Conference

Vision5 Conference

Visions5 Staff working the registration table.

Visions5 Staff working the registration table.


Visions6 Volunteers have already started orbit! Don’t fret, we’ll have more positions next year! 

We appreciate your enthusiasm! It is because of enthusiastic people such as yourself that we are able to make this festival and conference an exciting and memorable event for not only locals, but people around the world! Come join in on the fun, and buy your badge today! 

Why should you become a Visions7 Volunteer? 

All volunteers get an incredible opportunity to experience the inner workings of a festival and conference.  In addition, each volunteer receives a unique Visions T-shirt, free food, and a free badge to attend the event. 


Check out our sponsorship brochure here!

For all questions concerning sponsorship or donations, please contact our Development Director Adrienne Olson or email